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How much of Canada does the PC mobile network cover?

PC mobile operates over a network that extends to 97% of the Canadian population.

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Long Distance

Do I pay long distance charges for calls within Canada?

No. You can call from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in Canada without incurring any long distance or roaming charges.

You will be asked at your point of activation whether you would like long distance capability outside of Canada. If not, your phone will not be able to make a long distance call until you activate the service by calling *611 from your phone (don't worry, it's a free call) or by calling 1-855-660-3355.

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Can I use my PC mobile phone while I'm in another country?

Yes, but keep in mind that international service providers may offer different services and their networks may have different frequencies. While in North America, PC mobile phones are compatible with HSPA 850/1900 MHZ frequencies. While travelling internationally, PC mobile phones are compatible with HSPA 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ frequencies. If the provider within the country does not offer the same frequency, your phone may not work on their network. To see a list of roaming partners, click here.

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Extended network coverage in Manitoba

Who will be able to use this extended coverage?

The extended coverage is for PC mobile postpaid customers with HSPA/LTE devices. Customer’s primary residence and billing address must be within PC mobile’s own HSPA+/LTE network coverage areas when they buy or use the PC mobile service.

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