Prepaid FAQ

Prepaid FAQ

Does PC mobile offer SIM cards?

You can purchase a stand-alone PC mobile SIM card. Our PC mobile SIM cards are $10. These combo SIM cards include both a standard SIM and a micro SIM card, widening your range of phone options. They are available where President’s Choice products are sold and can be found on the side panel of the “Prepaid Cell Phones Express” kiosk. Here is a link to our store locator to find a store location nearest you.

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CDMA Network Change

CDMA Network Change

The CDMA network (an older network technology) will begin shutting down in regions across Canada starting on the following dates:


Regions affected

January 31, 2017

Alberta and British Columbia

March 3, 2017

Gaspé region in Quebec

June 30, 2017


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Extended Coverage

Extended coverage

The PC mobile HSPA network covers 74% of the population and LTE network covers 59% of the population in Manitoba, with coverage expanding across the province. That coverage is now complemented by extended coverage throughout Manitoba.

Who is extended coverage available to?
Extended coverage is available to PC mobile customers with HSPA/LTE devices for occasional use to complement the customer’s usage on the PC mobile network. Extended coverage is not available to Manitoba customers residing outside of the PC mobile footprint; PC mobile only offers new phone numbers and the ability to port in numbers for its own network. See our coverage map for our latest service coverage areas and maps.

What are the usage limitations of extended coverage?
As extended coverage is offered as a complement to PC mobile’s own coverage, the majority of your usage on a monthly basis must be within PC mobile’s own coverage area. PC mobile may restrict or limit your access to extended coverage if the majority of your usage occurs within extended coverage on an ongoing basis. Usage is subject to PC mobile Terms of Service; see

How is usage within extended coverage billed?
Usage within extended coverage is billed as part of your current plan. Just like travelling outside your local area on the PC mobile network, long distance charges apply to incoming calls received while within extended coverage. For outgoing calls, long distance applies if the number called is outside the local calling area of where the call is placed. Long distance charges do not apply if you have the Unlimited Nationwide and Unlimited North American Long Distance Minutes add on. However, regular local airtime rates still apply to these long distance calls.

How will the experience be different within extended coverage? The Network icon will show EXT instead of PC mobile when your usage is occurring within extended coverage. Data speeds will generally be slower and certain services (such as video streaming and the internet) may be limited.

Please note that PC mobile and our roaming partners may, without notice, change networks or geographical coverage areas (both in and out of Canada). PC mobile is not liable for any loss you or anyone else may suffer as a result of any disruptions or outages to the Services, or as a result of any changes to the networks or geographical coverage areas (both in and out of Canada).

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Text with 911

What is Text with 911

Text with 911 – Emergency services for the Hearing and Speech Impaired

Text with 911 is an emergency texting service for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Speech Impaired (DHHSI) customers. If you are a DHHSI customer and want to be able to text with a 911 operator:

  • Registration will commence in the spring of 2014. Please note that you will be required to agree to the terms of service to use this service.
  • In an emergency, dial 911 on your cell phone to access the 911 center in your area. They will receive an indicator that tells them to communicate with you via text messaging.
  • Monitor the cell phone display to ensure that the call is connected. Shortly after the call is connected, you should receive an initial text message from a 9-1-1 Call Centre. If you do not receive the initial text message within two minutes, you may end the voice call and redial 911.
  • The number you will see on your cell phone will have 13 digits and will begin with 555911. This will identify the call centre you are texting with.
  • Once the initial text message is received, you should reply to this text message and provide the 9-1-1 Call Taker with the information that they are requesting, such as the nature of the emergency and your location. Keep your text messages brief and concise.
  • You should keep the 9-1-1 voice call connected during the entire text messaging session if possible. This will permit the 9-1-1 Call Taker to hear any background noises that can be helpful to assess the emergency, and will provide enhanced 9-1-1 functions.
  • Depending on the province that you live in and the emergency services you require, you may be transferred to a new number that begins with 555911 during your T9-1-1 session to access Fire, Police or EMS. Always send your message to the current 555911 number.
  • You will know that the T9-1-1 session has been concluded when you receive the message “End of 9-1-1 Call”. If no “End of 9-1-1 Call” or further response is received, you can send a text message asking if the 9-1-1 conversation has ended. If you receive an error message, the T91-1 session has ended.
  • After receiving the “End of 9-1-1 Call” message, if you need to further communicate with the 9-1-1 Call Centre, you will need to initiate a new text session by dialing 911 to re-establish contact with the 9-1-1 Call Centre and communicate again by replying to the text message.
  • A supported handset will be required to use this service. The following mobiles devices support T911:
    • Galaxy J1
    • HTC Desire C
    • LG K 4
    • LG Optimus L1 II
    • LG Optimus L5
    • LG Optimus L5 II
    • LG Optimus Net
    • LG X Power
    • Moto G Play
    • Samsung Galaxy 551
    • Samsung Momo
    • Samsung S275
    • Sony Xperia M
    • ZTE Grand X2
  • Please consult the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association web site for Text With 9-1-1 for an instructional video and other valuable service information.

Important Tips for T9-1-1 Users

  • T9-1-1 users should be aware that text messaging is considered a “best efforts” service and there is no guarantee a text message will be sent, delivered or received in a timely manner. In the unlikely event that this happens, re-send the message.
  • Providing location information and the nature of the emergency in the first message is imperative.   The 9-1-1 Call Taker may receive an approximate location of your cell phone with your 9-1-1 call, however it is important for the caller to confirm the location of the emergency.
  • Text messages should be brief and concise.
  • Text abbreviations and slang should never be used so that the intent of the dialog can be as clear as possible.
  • T9-1-1 should only be used for emergency situations that require a response from police, fire or emergency medical services.

Note: This feature is only available to DHHSI customers. You must accept the terms of service to use this service.

T9-1-1 terms of service:

  • T9-1-1 service is not available everywhere. Government agencies are responsible for handling emergency calls, and not all of them are able to support T9-1-1 service. For T9-1-1 coverage areas, please consult the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association website for Text with 9-1-1. Coverage areas are approximate.
  • The T-91-1 Call Taker will attempt to communicate to you via text messages in the language associated with your mobile subscription. If they language associated with your mobile subscription is not correct, please contact Client Care. The agency handling your T9-1-1 call may not be able to assist you in both official languages.
  • T9-1-1 service relies on text messaging sessions initiated by the government emergency response agency receiving your 911 call. The availability of text messaging service is not guaranteed and is subject to the PC mobile Service Terms.
  • You must have an active PC mobile account to access T9-1-1 service on your PC mobile device. Each device on your account must be individually enabled for T9-1-1 service, if the user is eligible. Please allow 5 days for registration to become effective.
  • Your T9-1-1 registration will not follow if you port your number to another service provider. You must re-register.

If you have Postpaid services with PC mobile, click here.

Register for T911:

To Register for T911, fill out the T911 Registration Form.

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Need help to determine which SIM to use? See below:

Phone Type

SIM Card Type

Phone Type

SIM Card Type

Alcatel Pixi 4

Micro SIM


Regular SIM


Nano SIM

LG X Power

Nano SIM

Moto G Play

Micro SIM

Samsung Galaxy J1

Nano SIM

ZTE Grand X2

Micro SIM

SIM card quick reference

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Where to purchase the LG X Power

Below is a listing of stores that sell the LG X Power device. Please note that quantities are limited.

AB Airdrie 300 Veterans Blvd NE T4B 3P2 Real Canadian Superstore 403-945-2319
AB Bonnyville 5101 - 46th Street T9N 2P1 Real Canadian Wholesale Club 780-812-3946
AB Drayton Valley 5212-50th St. T7A 1S6 Your Independent Grocer 780-542-3518
AB Drumheller  Box1240 1252 Highway 9 South T0J 0Y0 Extra Foods 403-823-3487
AB Fort MacLeod 1906-8th Ave. T0L 0Z0 Extra Foods 403-553-7901
AB Grande Prairie 12225-99th Street T8V 6X9 Real Canadian Superstore 780-831-3827
AB High Level 10901-98 St. T0H 1Z0 Your Independent Grocer 780-841-4302
AB Lac la Biche 10527-101 St., Avenue T0A 2C0 Your Independent Grocer 780-623-6400
AB Medicine Hat 1792 Trans Canada Way S.E. T1B 4C6 Real Canadian Superstore 403-528-5727
AB Sherwood Park #100-410 Baseline Road T8H 2A7 Real Canadian Superstore 780-417-5237
AB Spruce Grove #10 - 110 Jennifer Heil Way T7X 3Z3 Real Canadian Superstore 780-960-7418
AB St. Paul 5701-50th Ave. T0A 3A1 Extra Foods 780-645-7030
BC Campbell River 1424 Island Highway V9W 2E3 Real Canadian Superstore 250-830-2736
BC Chilliwack 45779 Luckakuck Way V2R 4E8 Real Canadian Superstore 604-824-4236
BC Courtenay 757 Ryan Road V9N 3R6 Real Canadian Superstore 250-334-6901
BC Creston 1501 Cook St. V0B 1G0 Extra Foods 250-402-6020
BC Fernie 1792 A 9th Avenue V0B 1M5 Your Independent Grocer 250-423-7387
BC Kamloops 910 Columbia Street West V2C 1L2 Real Canadian Superstore 250-371-6418
BC Kelowna 2280 Baron Road V1X 7W3 Real Canadian Superstore 250-717-2536
BC Maple Ridge 19800 Lougheed Hwy Suite 201 V3Y 2W1 Real Canadian Superstore 604-460-4319
BC Mission 32136 Lougheed Highway V2V 1A4 Real Canadian Superstore 604-820-6436
BC Vernon 5001 Anderson Way V1T 9V1 Real Canadian Superstore 250-550-2319
BC Victoria 835 Langford Parkway V9B 4V5 Real Canadian Superstore 250-391-3137
BC Westbank 3020 Louie Drive V4T 3E1 Real Canadian Superstore 250-707-7000
MB Winnipeg 740 St. Annes Road R2N 0A2 No Frills 204-257-6149
MB Winnipeg 550 Kenaston Blvd R3N 2A1 Real Canadian Superstore 204-488-5800
MB Winnipeg 215 St Anne's Rd. R2M 2Z9 Real Canadian Superstore 204-258-2402
MB Winnipeg 1035 Gateway Rd R2K 4C1 Real Canadian Superstore 204-987-7534
MB Winnipeg 1385 Sargent Avenue R3E 3P8 Real Canadian Superstore 204-784-7901
MB Winnipeg 80 Bison Drive R3T 4Z7 Real Canadian Superstore 204-275-4118
MB Winnipeg 1578 Regent Ave West R2C 3B4 Real Canadian Superstore 204-654-5500
NB Bathurst 700 St Peter Ave. E2A 2Y7 Atlantic Superstore 506-547-3180
NB Moncton 165 Main St. E1C 1B3 Atlantic Superstore 506-852-2060
NB Moncton  89 Trinity Drive E1G 2J7 Atlantic Superstore 506-383-4919
NB Perth-Andover P.O. Box 606 E7H 1T3 Your Independent Grocer 506-273-3940
NB Riverview 429 Coverdale Road E1B 3K3 Atlantic Superstore 506-387-5992
NB Rothesay 115 Campbell Road, Unit B E2E 6E4 Atlantic Superstore 506-847-7055
NB Saint John 168 Rothesay Ave E2J 2B5 Atlantic Superstore 506-648-1320
NL Conception Bay S. 166 Conception Bay Hwy A1W 1M9 Dominion 709-834-2053
NL Corner Brook  5 Murphy Square A2H 1R4 Dominion 709-634-9450
NL Gander  100 Laurell Road A1V 2V5 Dominion 709-651-3437
NL Grand Falls  17 Cromer Avenue A2A 1X3 Dominion 709-489-4973
NL Mount Pearl  Pearlgate Plaza 150 Oldplacent A1N 4P5 Dominion 709-576-1236
NL St John's 20 Lake Avenue A1A 1H4 Dominion 709-576-1160
NL St. John's  260 Blackmarsh Rd A1E 1T2 Dominion 709-579-0133
NL Stephenville 62 Prince Rupert Street A2N 3W7 Dominion 709-643-0850
NT Yellowknife 250 Old Airport Road X1A 3G3 Your Independent Grocer 867-766-3195
NT  Yellowknife 14-4910 50th Avenue X1A 3S5 Your Independent Grocer 867-669-9100
NS Barrington Passage 3695 Highway 30 B0W 1E0 No Frills 902-637-3512
NS Glace Bay 155 Reserve Street Box 41 B1A 5V1 Atlantic Superstore 902-842-9609
NS Sydney River  1225 Kings Road B1S 1E1 Atlantic Superstore 902-539-7657
ON Alliston 30 King Street South L9R 1H6 Zehrs 705-434-9391
ON Aylmer 657 John Street North N5H 3J1 No Frills 519-765-2811
ON BARRIE 620 Yonge Street L4N 4E6 Zehrs 705-735-2390
ON Barry's Bay Highway #60 K0J 1B0 Valu-Mart 613-756-2023
ON Bracebridge 270 Wellington Street P1L 1B9 Your Independent Grocer 705-646-1412
ON Brantford 290 King George Rd Nth/Hiway24 N3R 5L8 Zehrs 519-751-8988
ON Brockville 1972 Parkedale Avenue K6V 5T2 SuperStore 613-498-0994
ON Cambridge 200 Frankliin Blvd N1R 5S2 Zehrs 519-624-8170
ON Cambridge 400 Conestoga Blvd. N1R 7L7 Zehrs 519-620-1376
ON Chatham 791 St Clair Street North N7M 5J7 SuperStore 519-352-4982
ON Espanola 745 Centre Street P5E 1S8 Your Independent Grocer 705-869-0284
ON Exeter 62 Thames Road East N0M 1S3 Your Independent Grocer 519-235-6131
ON Georgetown 171 Guelph Street L7G 4A1 SuperStore 905-877-5393
ON Goderich 35400D Huron Road  N7A 4C6 Zehrs 519-524-2229
ON Grimsby 361 South Service Road L3M 4E8 SuperStore 905-309-3911
ON Haliburton 5121 Country Road #21 K0M 1S0 Your Independent Grocer 705-455-9775
ON Hanmer 5200 Highway 69 N P3P 1Z3 Your Independent Grocer 705-969-4474
ON Kanata 760 Eagleson Road K2M 0A7 SuperStore 613-254-6050
ON Kingsville 300 Main St. E N9Y 3S9 Zehrs 519-733-6556
ON Kitchener 875 Highland Road West N2N 2Y2 SuperStore 519-745-4781
ON Kitchener 750 Ottawa St South N2E 1B6 Zehrs 519-744-5981
ON Kitchener 1005 Ottawa Street N2A 1H1 Zehrs 519-893-7930
ON Listowel 600 Mitchell Rd Hwy 23 South N4W 3T1 Zehrs 519-291-5515
ON Lively 65 Regional Road   #24 P3Y 1C3 Your Independent Grocer 705-692-3514
ON London 3040 Wonderland Road South N6L 1A6 Loblaw 519-668-0719
ON London 1205 Oxford Street N6H 1V9 SuperStore 519-641-3653
ON London 825 Oxford Street East N5Y 3J8 SuperStore 519-434-4662
ON Markham 200 Bullock Drive L3P 1W2 Loblaw 905-294-4922
ON Marmora 42 Matthew Street P.O. Box 457 K0K 2M0 Valu-Mart 613-472-2706
ON Midland 9292 County Road L4R 4K4 SuperStore 705-527-0388
ON  Milton 820 Main Street East L9T 0J4 SuperStore 905-875-3451
ON Orillia 289 Coldwater Road L3V 6J3 Zehrs 705-325-5777
ON Oshawa 481 Gibb Street L1J 1Z4 SuperStore 905-743-0043
ON Owen Sound 1150 16th Street East N4K 1Z3 Zehrs 519-371-1196
ON Peterborough 769 Borden Avenue K9J 0B6 SuperStore 705-749-6962
ON Pickering 1792 Liverpool Road L1V 1V9 Loblaw 905-831-6301
ON Port Hope 20 Jocelyn Road L1A 3V5 Your Independent Grocer 905-885-1867
ON Renfrew 680 O'Brien Road K7V 3Z4 No Frills 613-433-8212
ON SARNIA 600 Murphy Road N7S 2X1 SuperStore 519-383-8300
ON St. Catherines 411 Louth Street L2S 4A2 SuperStore 905-984-8408
ON St. Catherines Fairview Mall  285 Geneva St. L2N 2G1 Zehrs 905-646-7671
ON St. Thomas 1063 Talbot Street Unit 50 N5P 1G4 SuperStore 519-637-6358
ON Stratford 865 Ontario Street N5A 7Y2 Zehrs 519-273-6164
ON Strathroy 626 Victoria Street N7G 3C1 SuperStore 519-245-5277
ON Sturgeon Falls 12035 Hwy #17 P2B 2S6 No Frills 705-753-0699
ON Sudbury 1485 Lasalle Blvd P3A 5H7 SuperStore 705-560-4961
ON Tillsonburg 400 Simcoe Street N4G 4X1 Zehrs 519-842-9031
ON Tweed 56 Victoria Street P O Box 310 K0K 3J0 Valu-Mart 613-478-2014
ON Uxbridge 323 Toronto St.S L9P 1N2 Zehrs 905-852-1212
ON Waterloo 555 Davenport Road N2L 6L2 Zehrs 519-746-0125
ON Windsor 2430 Dougall Ave. N8X 1T2 SuperStore 519-972-1010
ON Windsor 4371 Walker Road N8W 3T6 SuperStore 519-972-8335
ON Windsor 7201 Tecumseh Rd East N8T 3K4 Zehrs 519-974-1000
QC Aylmer 375, Chemin Aylmer J9H 1A5 Provigo 819-682-4433
QC Baie Comeau 300,  boul. Lasalle G4Z 2K2 Provigo 418-296-5806
QC Baie Comeau 570,  boul. Laflèche G5C 1C3 Maxi 418-589-9020
QC Baie St. Paul 30, rue Racine G3Z 2R1 Maxi 418-240-3510
QC Dolbeau-Mistassini 224,  boul. St-Michel G8L 4P5 Provigo 418-276-2677
QC Forestville 25, Route 138,  C.P. 100 G0T 1E0 Provigo 418-587-2202
QC Gatineau 800, Boul. Maloney Ouest J8T 3R6 Maxi & Cie 819-561-9244
QC Hull 1, Boul. Du Plateau J9A 3G1 Provigo 819-777-2747
QC Lac Megantic 3500,  rue Laval G6B 1A4 Maxi 819-583-4001
QC Maniwaki 170, Principale sud J9E 1Z6 Maxi 819-449-6822
QC Mont Tremblant 390 route 117 J8E 2X3 Maxi 819-425-3103
QC Plessisville 1877,  rue Bilodeau G6L 5N2 Maxi 819-362-7370
QC Port-Cartier 8,  boul. des Iles G5B 2J4 Provigo 418-766-6121
QC Repentigny 86 boul. Brien J6A 5K7 Maxi & Cie 450-581-8866
QC Riviere-du-Loup 215,  boul. Hôtel De Ville G5R 4Y2 Maxi 418-863-4100
QC Roberval 150,  avenue Saint-Alphonse G8H 3P8 Maxi 418-275-4471
QC Sept-Iles 1005,  boul. Laure G4R 1Z1 Maxi 418-968-1213
QC Sept-Iles 649,  boul. Laure, suite 100 G4R 1X8 Provigo 418-962-2240
QC St-Georges-de-Beauce 8200,  boul.  Lacroix G5Y 2B5 Maxi 418-227-9228
SK Humboldt 2019-8th Ave S0K 2A0 Extra Foods 306-682-8331
SK Meadow Lake 828-9th St. W. S9X 1S9 Extra Foods 306-236-8336
SK Melfort A620 Saskachewan Ave S0E 1A0 Your Independent Grocer 306-752-9722
SK Melville 100 Halifax Ave. W. S0A 2P0 Extra Foods 306-728-6610
SK Prince Albert 591-15th Street East S6V 1G3 Real Canadian Superstore 306-953-8100
SK Regina 4450 Rochdale Blvd. S4X 4N9 Real Canadian Superstore 306-546-6618
SK Regina 2055 Prince Of Wales Dr. S4V 3A3 Real Canadian Superstore 306-546-6500
SK Weyburn 115 Souris Ave  N.W. S4H 3N6 Real Canadian Wholesale Club 306-848-3400

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