iMessage Deregistration

Please review this notice if you have changed your device from an iPhone to a non-iPhone device and/or have received an SMS notice.

If iMessage remains active while you are no longer using an iPhone, you may miss messages from iPhone users.

Please click here and follow the simple instructions on the Apple web site to deregister your phone number for iMessage.

Please ignore this step if you have already deregistered your phone number.



Android’s Stagefright Vulnerability

What is Stagefright?
Last month, a security bug was uncovered that affects smartphones using the Android mobile operating system. This vulnerability can be triggered without any user interaction or simply by opening a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) text which may lead to the device being compromised.
To check if your Android device is vulnerable to the bug, you can download Stagefright Detector App released by Zimperium, a mobile security company.
What happens to customers affected by Stagefright?
The bug affects the part of the Android operating system that lets a device display media content. A malicious media file potentially pushed to an affected Android device can compromise your device’s security      by letting an attacker read or delete data and even activate a device’s camera and microphone without the user’s knowledge.
What is PC mobile doing to protect customers?
Protecting our customers’ information is our top priority.  PC mobile has engaged Google and device manufacturers to ensure we are on top of any developments. Manufacturers are currently working on software updates to repair this vulnerability which will be pushed to customers as soon as it is available.
How to protect yourself in the interim:
At this time the extent of this vulnerability is unclear. As a precaution customers can be proactive in the interim and help reduce risk by following the suggestions below:

  • Disable the automatic download of MMS messages on your Android device
  • Avoid opening text or MMS messages from unknown individuals
  • Update your operating system once a patch is available (we will update this page when we have more information)

You should note that by disabling "auto-retrieve MMS" you are not disabling the ability to receive mms messages. You can still download MMS on a per message basis from your most trusted contacts and sources.
How to disable the automatic download of MMS messages on your Android device:

If this is your messaging app…

Then follow these steps on your phone…

Google Hangouts

  • Navigate to Account > Settings > SMS
  • Uncheck Auto-Retrieve MMS

Google Messenger (Nexus Devices)

  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen
  • Navigate to Settings > Advanced
  • Uncheck Auto –Retrieve

Alcatel, LG, Sony and HTC SMS app

  • In the messages app, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen or the Menu key
  • Navigate to Settings > Multimedia messages
  • Uncheck Auto-Retrieve



What is Stagefright?

Stagefright is believed to be the worst Android vulnerability yet discovered. It is the name of the media library, a portion of Android’s open source code, in which the bugs were found.