What is Stagefright?
Stagefright is believed to be the worst Android vulnerability yet discovered. It is the name of the media library, a portion of Android’s open source code, in which the bugs were found.
Who is at risk?
All devices running Android versions Froyo 2.2 to Lollipop 5.1.1 are affected, which are used by approximately 95% of all Android devices
How might I be attacked?
The attack would come in the form of an MPEG4 video attachment. This could be delivered by MMS, Email or a malicious application. MMS is currently believed to be the most likely method of attack due to the fact that most android devices are set to open MMS attachments by default.
What happens if I am hacked?
The flaws could potentially give a hacker access to the camera, microphone, and data stored in your device. The hacker can even delete the malicious MMS message before you even know you were hacked.
How would I know if I was hacked?
There is a very high likelihood that if you were hacked you would not know as the hacker would leave no trace. You might however notice MMS messages or emails from unknown sources with a video file attached.
What should I do if I think I am hacked?
Customers who believe their device has been compromised are advised to factory reset their device. This will ensure your device is returned to a like new state.
What is Google and my device manufacturer doing to protect me?
Google, having found out about the vulnerability, worked to create the necessary patches required to fix the issue. These patches have been provided to device manufacturers so that software updates can be built for their specific android device.
What is PC mobile doing to protect me?
Protecting our customer’s information is our top priority. PC mobile is currently investigating various network and system level changes to help prevent attacks of this nature against our customers. We are also working closely with device manufacturers to test and approve SW updates resolving the Stagefright vulnerability as quickly as possible.
How can I do to help protect myself?
As a precaution clients can be proactive and help reduce the risk by disabling automatic downloading of MMS messages (see above). We also recommend not opening attachments in email and MMS messages from unknown contacts or sources. Ensure you only install apps from the Google play store and not from 3rd party app stores or downloaded from the internet. Please check back to this page for the latest updates regarding this vulnerability: We will continue to update the page with software update release dates as we confirm with manufacturers.

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