Data Control at Your Fingertips

Track and control Data Usage with Flex Plan notifications from PC® mobile.


It’s nice to know PC mobile always sends a notification when you have reached 90% of your data within a tier. This helps you track your data usage to avoid surprise charges. When you receive these notifications, you will also be given the option to log into self-serve to cap your data to avoid going into the next tier.


You’ve used 90% of Tier 1. If you do not wish to move to the next data tier, please log in to and remove Data Flex.



It’s also nice to know that when you use your first byte of data in the new tier you will receive a jump notification.

Example A

You’ve entered tier 3 which includes an additional 1GB for $10

Example B

You’ve entered Tier 6 which includes an additional 1GB for $10. Once this tier is depleted your data will be turned off until your next bill cycle.