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Long Distance Within Canada

Use your nationwide minutes to call any Canadian number from anywhere in Canada, without incurring long distance or roaming charges.

International Long Distance

Countries are divided into four zones. See chart below and select a country to find the per-minute rate & area code.*

LONG DISTANCE RATE BY COUNTRY: For a list of other countries, please use the dropdown tool below the chart.
Country Long Distance Rates
Zone 1 United States, China, Hong Kong, Germany, France, India, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Netherlands, Taiwan, Denmark $0.10 / min
Zone 2 Japan, South Korea, Spain, Norway, Finland, Bermuda, Belgium, Israel, Peru $0.15 / min
Zone 3 United Kingdom, Philippines, Mexico, Russia, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Bahamas $0.20 / min
Zone 4 Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Fiji, Morocco, Montenegro $1.00 / min
*Calls to satellite phones are charged per the satellite provider rates and not based on the country the call terminates.
Find the Rate You're Looking For

Click on your country below to find your specific per-minute rate.

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Area Code Rate $/min