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Step 1 : Terms & Conditions

Step 1 : Terms & Conditions

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Step 2 : Customer Information

Step 2 : Customer Information

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Step 3 : Phone Information

Step 3 : Phone Information

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Step 4 : Choose a Plan

Step 4 : Choose a Plan

Choose a 30 Day Prepaid Plan by clicking the button associated with the plan. Then select the optional add-ons to make your phone truly yours.

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1. Choose a nice plan1,6,11

Please select a 30 day plan
Canada-wide minutes 50 50 250 250 UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
Additional Canada-wide minutes 30¢/min 30¢/min 30¢/min 30¢/min
Text messaging Canada-wide + International 50 Text Messages UNLIMITED Text, Picture & Video Messaging5 UNLIMITED Text, Picture & Video Messaging5 UNLIMITED Text, Picture & Video Messaging5 UNLIMITED Text, Picture & Video Messaging5 UNLIMITED Text, Picture & Video Messaging5
Data 500 MB¥ 1 GB¥ 3 GB¥
For the $10 30-Day Plan; additional sent messages are 30¢/msg, Picture & Video Messages are 50¢/msg. Incoming standard text messages are free.
Pay-per-use long distance minutes to the U.S. (United States) are 40¢/min (plus regular Canada-wide airtime minute rate).

Full terms and conditions

2. Customize with a nice add-on

Talk Add-ons
†Regular Canada-wide airtime minute rates still apply for these long distance calls.
Data add-ons7
For plans $45 and lower
For the $55 plan
Note: Additional data is 15¢/MB

Full terms and conditions
Availability varies by location.

Pricing and offers current as of September 19, 2018, and subject to change without notice; cannot be combined with other offers unless otherwise specified. Services and features available with compatible devices within PC mobile coverage areas. Unless included in your 30-day plan or Long Distance add-on, long distance charges apply to calls sent and received outside your calling area. Monthly fees are charged on a designated day each month based on anniversary date. Taxes and added features extra. Other conditions apply. One-time $10 SIM Card charge may apply. 911 government monthly fee in: Saskatchewan, 94¢; New Brunswick, 53¢; Nova Scotia, 43¢; PEI, 70¢; Quebec, 46¢; Alberta, 44¢; and Newfoundland and Labrador 75¢. You must have sufficient funds in your account each month to pay this fee in addition to your chosen services and features. The 9-1-1 fee is not included in any PC mobile prepaid plans. You can still call 911 even if there are no funds in your account.

As of September 19, 2018, the Anytime Plan is no longer available. If you are currently using the Anytime Plan, you may continue to use the existing plan, including per minute rates and available features. For details, please call 1-877-284-6361, or access your account on the My PCmobile app.

*PC mobile provides an additional 12 months of limited manufacturer's warranty coverage. Limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. For more information and for complete details, visit pcmobile.ca. Subject to change or termination without notice.

1. 30-Day Prepaid Plan begins on the monthly anniversary date, which is based on the date that the customer's account is activated.

2. Depending on the feature, airtime charges and long distance and roaming charges may apply. For simultaneous calls, such as incoming Call Waiting and 3-Way Calling, airtime minutes will be deducted for each call.

3. Minimum redemption is 10,000 PC Optimum points (worth $10 in free rewards) and in increments of 10,000 points thereafter at participating stores. Some redemption restrictions apply. Visit pcoptimum.ca for details and full store list.

4. See pcmobile.ca/prepaidcoverage.

5. Text, Picture & Video Messaging includes texts sent from Canada to anywhere in Canada, U.S. and internationally. Sent texts include texts sent to a U.S. or other international phone number while in Canada and exclude domestic, roaming, alerts, premium texts (short codes) and texts sent with an instant messaging application. Received texts include texts received while in Canada from a U.S. or other international phone number and service-related messages from PC mobile and exclude domestic, roaming and premium texts (short codes), alerts and dial-up messages. Certain international destinations not available. Data usage charges may apply with select CDMA phones to send and receive picture and video messages.

6. Long distance minutes included in 30-Day plans are for Canada-wide calling only. All long distance calls placed from Canada to the U.S. are an additional 40¢/minute (plus regular Canada-wide airtime minute rate). Additional long distance rates can be found at pcmobile.ca/prepaid_plans_features.

7. Data Add-on feature does not include use of your device as a modem to connect to the Internet from your computer (tethering) if you have purchased a CDMA phone. Subject to acceptable use restrictions in Terms of Service, including consuming excessive network capacity or causing our network to be adversely affected. See pcmobile.ca/serviceterms for details. Multiple data add-ons of different amounts can be added to a plan each month.

8. Any unused data expires after 24 hours. If you exceed the 20 MB limit or your data expires, you will be asked to buy another $2/day 20 MB pass, which can be purchased by launching a browser session. Available on select devices and plans. 20 MB Data Day Pass is not compatible with plans that already include data.

9. Customers need a registered credit card or must provide their banking information to sign up to Auto-Allowance. PC mobile has the right to end the Auto-Allowance promotion at any time so that customers may no longer sign up. Promotional bonus will be applied to your account balance after each successful monthly Auto-Allowance payment, so long as your account is in good standing and continues to meet the bonus credit requirements. PC mobile may discontinue the promotion for customers who have signed up for the 10% bonus credit promotion on 30 days' notice. Customers may opt out of Auto-Allowance at any time by calling our customer service centre at 1-877-284-6361.

10. Prepaid funds are restored if you top up your account within seven days of their expiry. Prepaid funds are non-refundable. Any Prepaid funds which are added to your account on a promotional basis will have an Active Period of 30 calendar days unless otherwise stated and are not restored or extended by Top Up.

11. If full monthly rate plan payment is unsuccessful, the following pay per use rates apply: Canada-Wide Minutes: 50¢/min, United States (U.S.) Minutes: $1/min | Text Messages: 50¢/international text, picture & video message.

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PC mobile prepaid services provided in PC mobile coverage areas by Bell Mobility Inc., a licensee of the trademarks.
®/TM Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.
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Remember to add optional features to your PC mobile plan - like more talk time, more data and more long distance time - to ensure it's truly customized to your needs.