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Do I pay long distance charges for calls within Canada?

No. You can call from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in Canada without incurring any long distance or roaming charges.

You will be asked at your point of activation whether you would like long distance capability outside of Canada. If not, your phone will not be able to make a long distance call until you activate the service by calling *611 from your phone (don't worry, it's a free call) or by calling 1-855-660-3355.

Why do I still have to dial 1 before making a long distance call? I thought long distance calls were a thing of the past.

Every one of our customers will still hear a recording that the call may be long distance. But don't worry, you won't see any long distance charges within Canada.

What are the long distance rates for making an international call?

Countries outside of Canada are divided into four zones. Click here to view our long distance rates per country and also find the area code.

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