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What is the Flex Plan?

The Flex Plan is a simple and straightforward plan that offers customers Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text plus the following:

• Unlimited International Text Messaging
• Unlimited Picture and Video Messaging
• Call Display, Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Conference Calling

The flex plan offers PC mobile customers cost certainty and peace of mind through the ability to take control of their monthly phone bill through options such as Data Flex.

What is Data Flex?

Data Flex allows PC mobile customers to manage their monthly costs by only charging customers for the data they actually use. Once you agree to sign up for Data Flex, you can control how much data you use each month. Data Flex $5 for the first tier of data and $10 for each additional tier of data up to a maximum of 5 GB. For more information on our plans, click here.

How do I know how much data I will use each month?

We send you a text message each time you use 90% of the data within your tier. At that point, you can choose to disable your data for the remainder of the month through self-serve, or simply use more data as you need it. To ensure you are always aware of your data usage, we also send you another text once you enter your next tier of data as a friendly reminder. Please note the maximum amount of data that can be used in a given month is 5 GB. To help you understand how much data you may use, refer to our data calculator tool here.

How much do you charge for PPU data?

We do not charge for PPU data. Unlike other carriers that charge expensive out of bundle data rates once you have reached your allotted data, PC mobile customers flex up and down data tiers based on their usage. For example, once you have used up 1 GB of data, if you require more data, you simply flex up to the next tier of data and get an additional 1 GB of data for $10. Please note that you get charged for the full tier you enter into regardless of how much data you use in that tier.

In addition to flexing up and down data tiers, PC mobile customers also have the option to turn off their data within any tier to help control their costs. For example, if you are approaching the 1 GB tier of data and you realize you don’t need any additional data, simply turn off your data through self serve to help manage your costs.

Why are you offering flex data?

At PC mobile we feel that it is important to give our customers the peace of mind of cost certainty and the flexibility to change usage based on their needs. With “flex” data customers are not always charged for the same amount of data per month, but rather can flex up or down depending on their data usage needs for the month.

Can I still benefit from voice & data stack protection on this new plan?

Yes. The Flex Plan offers unlimited nationwide talk & text so there will no longer be any concern about needing more voice time or going over your voice minutes.

If you choose to opt into Data Flex, you still have the option to block your data usage through self-serve at any data tier.

How much data do I get each month?

If you have chosen Data Flex, the first tier of data is $5 for 500MB. This will be your starting point each month and data is available up to 5 GB. Please note, even if you have opted-in to data you will NOT be charged for the first tier if you DON’T use any data.

Will the old plans still be available?

The old plans will be grandfathered. Existing customers can choose to stay on the old plan or migrate to the new plan. New customers will have to choose from our new rate card.

How will upgrades work?

Customers who upgrade can continue to keep their existing rate plan if they choose from the new rate plan options. Once a customer decides to change to the new rate plan, the old rate plan will no longer be available.

Why is the device subsidy changing from +$7 to +$8?

To align with industry changes.

Will there be a BYOD plan?

Yes. If you bring your own device, simply minus $6 from the plan price.

Do you have a 3GB plan?

We have flexible data options that allow customers to use up to 5GB of data on their plans. If you choose to opt-in to data each month you start with 500MB and are notified of your usage as you jump into your next tier. Therefore, if you decide that you do not want to go over 3GB, simply block your usage as you approach the data limit you’d like to set for yourself.

Can I block data entirely?

Yes. You can decide you only want a talk & text plan and NO data.

Will I still be receiving notifications about my data usage?

At PC mobile we feel that it is important to keep you up-to-date on your usage so that you can manage your monthly costs. You will be notified once you hit 90% of your usage within your data tier. We also notify you again once you enter your next tier.

If you choose to forgo Data Flex, you will no longer receive data usage notifications.

Can I turn OFF my data usage notifications?

No. We feel it is important to communicate your usage information so that you can continue to make informed decisions about how much data you wish to use.

What are Nationwide minutes?

Nationwide minutes mean you can use your bucket of minutes to call from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in Canada without getting hit with any long distance charges. Every call you make will cover you from coast to coast. If you want to call a country outside of Canada, you'll have to find out which zone the country is in to know what rate you'll pay. For a list of these zones, click here.

What happens when I use all of my anytime minutes?

The Flex Plan comes with Unlimited Nationwide minutes so you’ll never have to worry about running out of minutes. If you are on a Grandfathered Plan, once you’ve reached your limit of anytime minutes, voice stacks will be applied (unless you have removed your voice stacked overage service in which case your service will stop working).

Is Canada-wide calling available on all PC mobile monthly plans?

Yes. Canada-wide calling is included in all monthly plans.

Can I change my rate plan?

Yes. However, after October 19, 2015 you may only switch to the Flex Plan. Please note that once you decide to switch from a grandfathered plan to the new Flex Plan, you will not be able to switch back. For more details on The Flex Plan click here. You can change your rate plan for free via self-serve or by visiting The Mobile Shop. You can also contact Customer Service to change your rate plan, but please note a fee of $10 will apply.

Can I change my phone number?

Yes. You can change your phone number for free via self-serve or by visiting The Mobile Shop. You can also contact Customer Service to change your phone number, but please note a fee of $15 will apply.

What is Family Calling?

Family calling only applies to grandfathered plans. Family Calling is a service that offers unlimited calls between subscribers on the same account. There is a maximum of five members per account depending on credit results.

Family calling is unlimited and is Canada-wide. You will never see a long distance charge for a call from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in Canada. Calls must be made and completed within Canada, between subscribers on the same account.

To add a customer to your account, please visit The Mobile Shop location nearest you to complete the activation. If there is more than 1 subscriber on your account, they will automatically be added to your family account and family calling is included.

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