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How is airtime billed?

We bill airtime from the moment network resources are used to either make or receive a call. Outgoing calls are billed from the time you initiate the call until the call ends. Incoming calls are billed for the entire duration of the call rounded up to the next minute, including the time it takes to connect the call. We don't bill for any calls that are not connected.

When will I be charged for long distance?

Long distance charges apply when you call people whose numbers are outside of Canada. To learn more about long distance, click here.

You will be asked at your point of activation whether you would like long distance capability. If not, your phone will not be able to make a long distance call until you activate the service by calling 1-855-660-3355.

Is service available nationally?

Yes. PC mobile operates over a network that extends to 97% of the Canadian population

While we offer coverage in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon, local numbers are not available there at this time. Click here for more information on our covered areas.

What calling code do I use for international calls?

For a full list of calling codes, click here.

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