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Will your non-PC mobile device work on our 4G or 4G LTE networks? Could the pre-owned device you purchased possibly have been lost or stolen?

Enjoy peace of mind

Check your device's PC mobile network compatibility and ensure that it wasn't lost or stolen by entering its IMEI below.

Note: Lost and stolen check only currently applies to PC mobile devices.

How to find your IMEI

On your device

Your IMEI can be found on your device box or on the back of the device itself. On most devices, it can be found behind the battery on a white label. Look for a 15-18 digit number.

On your device’s screen

Most devices will display your IMEI on the screen if you type *#06# from the device home screen.

Compatible device?

If your device is compatible with the PC mobile network, you'll need to purchase a PC mobile SIM card and activate on one of our monthly rate plans. You can purchase a PC mobile SIM by visiting The Mobile Shop location. For a location nearest you, click here.

Incompatible device?

If your device is not compatible with the PC mobile network, take a look at the latest PC mobile certified devices.

Reported lost or stolen?

If the device you purchased has been reported as lost or stolen you will not be able to use it on our network as it will not work. In this case we recommend that you return it to the point of purchase.

Not sure?

If you believe your device should be compatible and the tool does not recognize it, you can test your device's compatibility by inserting a PC mobile SIM card into the device and making a test voice call. If the test call works, your device is compatible with the PC mobile 4G or 4G LTE networks.

Disabling a lost or stolen phone

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, immediately disable it by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your PC mobile Self Care account and suspend your phone.
  2. Contact PC mobile Customer Service at 1-866-558-2273.

NOTE: You are responsible for any usage (calls or data) made between the time that your device is lost or stolen and the time that you disable it. Monthly plan charges will apply during this period. If you opt to cancel your service at any time during the period of your contract, termination liability charges may apply.

Replacing your mobile device

No matter where you are in your contract term, you can replace your lost or stolen device by purchase an affordable new PC mobile device.

You can still access Voice Mail

You can still access your messages using another phone line by pressing the " * " key midway through your greeting message.


This information is indicative only. Your device's compatibility with the PC mobile 4G or 4G LTE networks is based on the radio frequencies of your device. PC mobile does not guarantee that your device will work on our mobile network.

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