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How do I add funds (top up) my account?

There are many ways to top-up your prepaid account that are quick and easy. Simply choose the one that works best for you. Top-up before your current prepaid service account expires in order to carry over any unused funds. To check your account balance and expiry date, simply dial #PCMO (#7266) FREE from your PC Mobile phone.

  1. Ensure you never run out of funds with Auto-Allowance! We can automatically top-up your account every month or if your account credit balance drops below $5.
    Bonus: Sign up to Auto-Allowance and get up to 500MB of bonus data every month on your anniversary date as long as you are on a monthly plan!

  2. Add funds with top-up cards. They’re available in $15, $25 and $100
    denominations, valid for 30, 60 and 365 days respectively. You can purchase them at participating stores where PC products are sold. Keep your receipt, as you’ll need to enter the PIN printed on it.

  3. Add funds 24 hours a day through our self-serve options.

    • Dial #PCMO (#7266) FREE from your PC Mobile phone.

    • Dial 1-877-284-6361 from any other phone; just follow the easy voice prompts.

    • Download the My PC Mobile app

To top-up with a credit card, sign up for Auto-Allowance or Express Top-Up call 1-877-284-6361

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