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What is text with 9-1-1 (t9-1-1) service?

Text with 9-1-1 (T9-1-1) is a free-of-charge service that allows Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Speech impaired users to communicate with a 9-1-1 call centre in the form of text messaging, also known as Short Message Service (SMS).

T9-1-1 provides the 9-1-1 caller's mobile number (including area code) and approximate location information to the emergency operator.

T9-1-1 is not available in B9-1-1 areas and is not compatible with Wi-Fi calling. For more information, including T9-1-1 service availability, compatible mobile phones, eligibility rules, how to register and how to make a T9-1-1 call, please see below:

Text with 911 – Emergency services for the Hearing and Speech Impaired

Text with 911 is an emergency texting service for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Speech Impaired (DHHSI) customers. If you are a DHHSI customer and want to be able to text with a 911 operator:

  • Register for the T911 service today by visiting The Mobile Shop near you or by calling in to Customer Care to add the ‘Text with 9-1-1’ service to your monthly account. Please note that you will be required to agree to the terms of service to use this service.

  • In an emergency, dial 911 on your cell phone to access the 911 center in your area. They will receive an indicator that tells them to communicate with you via text messaging.

  • To dial 911, simply hit the send key, then the digits 9, 1, 1, and the send key again. You must ensure your phone is unlocked to return to the home screen and text message with the operator.

  • Do not send a text message to 911. This is not supported and you will get an error message. You must wait for the 911 operator to initiate the text session with you.

  • Do not end the voice 911 call. It allows the 911 operator to hear the emergency and also receive important information including call back number and location information. When the emergency has ended, you will get a text message indicating the end of the session. You can then end the voice part of the 911 call.

  • A supported handset will be required to use this service. The following mobiles devices support T911:

    • Alcatel ONETOUCH Pop Icon

    • Blackberry Q10

    • Blackberry Q5

    • HTC One M8

    • LG G3

    • LG Nexus 4

    • LG Nexus 5

    • Moto G

    • Moto G (2015)

    • Moto X Play

    • Nokia Lumia 520

    • Samsung Ace II X

    • Samsung Core LTE

    • Samsung Galaxy S II X

    • Samsung Galaxy S3

    • Samsung Galaxy S4

    • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

    • Samsung Grand Prime

  • More information on T911 is available at: 

  • Note: This feature is only available to DHHSI customers. You must accept the terms of service to use this service

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