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PC Mobile monthly (postpaid) service

Can I still get support at The Mobile Shop?

Got a question about PC Mobile monthly services?

Can I still unlock my PC Mobile device?

Is The Mobile Shop going away?

Can I still make changes to my rate plan via the PC Mobile self-serve website?

Can I still pay my PC Mobile post-paid monthly bill at The Mobile Shop?

Do I have to wait out my 2-year contract or can I switch to Koodo immediately?

How do I return a device that is within the Money-Back Guarantee period?

I am a PC Mobile Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) customer. Will my PC Mobile SIM card continue to work and will my month-to-month rate plan change?

I am on a month-to-month contract term. How will this change affect my service?

I am still within a PC Mobile contract term. How will this change affect my current contract?

I am traveling out of country in the coming weeks. Can I still sign up for a PC Mobile Travel Pass?

I have a family account with 5 lines. How do I migrate my family account to Koodo?

I have pre-authorized payments set-up on my current account. Do I have to change anything?

I just signed up for a 2-year PC Mobile contract. Can I cancel my contract and return my device?

I'm a PC Mobile customer who pays my monthly bill with my PC Financial Mastercard. What happens to my PC Optimum points?

I'm a PC Mobile pre-paid customer (I pay for my services through top-ups and I'm not in a term contract), what happens to my current service?

Is The Mobile Shop part of Loblaw?

What change is occurring?

What do I have to do to become a Koodo customer?

What is the difference between The Mobile Shop and PC Mobile?

What will happen to my current PC Mobile monthly bill?

Where do I go to manage my account?

Who do I call if I have a question or concern related to my current PC Mobile service?

Will I be subject to a new credit check if/when I migrate to Koodo?

Will I have to pay more for my services when the transition to the Koodo brand occurs on October 2nd, 2018?

Will my Device Protection Plan that I purchased at The Mobile Shop be affected?

Will my PC Mobile post-paid (monthly) services and device stop working?

Will my terms of service change with this announcement?

Will The Mobile Shop replace PC Mobile post-paid (monthly) services with another service?

Will the quality of my service be impacted?

Will the warranty process change?